Houtopia, the awakening of the 5 senses!

Houtopia in Houffalize, the awakening of the 5 senses!

Houtopia, in Houffalize, is the ideal place to take curious children, even when it rains !  Fieke the Blog writer recalls the experience :


Houtopia in Houffalize

The small town of Houffalize is located in the heart of Belgian Luxembourg. If I know it for having done a few  « survivor » weekends there in my young years,  it's now the time to have my children discover a very different activity : the park of the senses!

Houtopia perfectly mixes the pleasure of playing with the educational learning ,a perfect programme  !

I also read that the centre was entirely renewed in the spring of 2018. More interactive than previously, the park seems to please visitors more and more.


What is Houtopia?

When we enter Houffalize, Houtopia is just beyond the tourist office on the main square. After taking our entrance tickets, we each get a pair of socks...Strange! At the reception, we are informed: apprehending the senses, starts on the ground, with our feet! Curiosity and amusement already.

We go down the stairs and enter a large colourful room. The space is filled with over 70 interactive experiences that teach the children (and the adults) everything about the five senses: the taste, the touch, the smell, the sight and the hearing. 

Learn everything interactively about the five senses

It's still rather quiet in the centre, we can therefore quietly fulfil all the experiences. So we decide to stay together and do the experiences one by one. 


The hearing

We start by the corner with all the experiences about audition. We inspect our ears, what shape do they have? Apparently man can also feel the sounds and we hear the difference between stereo and mono sound.  Roos has started to make music with various «instruments».

The sight

On a large round table with boxes of various colours,   we must show the same colours with two «pens». This is not that simple. Our eyes sometimes have difficulty in distinguishing colours.   Teun, however, is good at it.

The touch

Can we really feel correctly? Rooe tries an experience that helps her to discover by touch a drawing in relief. A voice advises Roos and tells her where to start. She manages to guess the three pictures. A little later, she makes a 3D puzzle of a rabbit, without looking.  There are also hot-cold experiences and a bare footed path.

The taste

Taste can only be discovered in one way: by sampling! There are a number of distributors of different flavours.  The girls pull faces, but the « best » will be for daddy!

The smell

Maybe the most difficult. I find that to recognize odours has always been difficult. ! The children recognize the smell, but to give it a name is always complicated. 



The children are enthusiastic and actively occupied with all the experiences

In the whole, the children will stay practically 2 hours, active and attentive! The experiences are suitable for children of primary school.  Roos, Jet and Teun all three have fun. A Houtopia employee is always present if you have questions.

End your visit in the playground

After having learnt and experienced indoors, it's time for the outdoor playground. Teun is the first one to climb onto the big inflatable structures.  Proud, he surprises his sisters ! All three jump onto the rope bridge over the Ourthe. The children can also go into the water, if you have foreseen bathing suits (unlike us) 

While the children have fun, we take advantage of the terrace to have a drink. It's time to leave,  but the children, exited, want to re-do some experiences... that we let them do, of course !

Before going back home, the children run inside. They want to do a few experiences once again.  Come on. Do it.!


Practical information about Houtopia

Houtopia is open from Wednesday to Sunday and every day during Belgian school holidays.   Further information on the subject can be found on the Houtopia website.

For the children as from 3 years of age and adults, you pay 9,50 euros per person. Families of three children or more pay  8 euros per person ( 2018 price).

All panels in the centre are in French and Dutch.
We find the centre adapted to children of primary school age (6 to 12). Children not old enough to read will also have fun with an adults help.