In our collective imagination, we see Belgian Luxembourg as a place where inhabitants and tourists can enjoy attractions and an infrastructure linked to the countryside, peace and quiet and good food and drink. But our province is also moving forward and growing, with new interests, such as fashion. Marche-en-Famenne, Bastogne, La Roche-en-Ardenne, Libramont, Florenville, Arlon and Messancy are towns that are modernising and growing.


Bastogne is famous for its many small boutiques, selling all sorts of goods, that are open on Sundays.


Marche-en-Famenne has turned itself around in the last few years and has become a dream destination for window-shoppers.


Our provincial capital, Arlon, has L’Hydrion, the largest open-air shopping area in Belgium, covering some 33,000 m² with 40 boutiques. It can be found a few hundred metres from the pretty city centre, which also has a lovely range of shops.


For many years, Florenville has been an important commercial hub in Belgian Luxembourg, and was one of the first towns to allow its shops to open on Sundays.


In the far south of our province, the town of Messancy is home to two shopping centres with outlet stores for many famous luxury brands, selling goods at accessible prices all year round.


In addition to the big chains, there are also many small, family-run shops all over our province. In short, Belgian Luxembourg has everything you need for a head-to-toe makeover!