Food and drink

Trappist and craft beers

Everyone knows Belgium as the country of pale and brown ales. Many of them have acquired a big international following. For example, Orval, one of the seven Trappist beers in the world, which needs no introduction.



Nuggets of dark and milk chocolate have been delighting our tastebuds for centuries. The districts of Gaume and Ardenne in Belgian Luxembourg are home to master-chocolate-makers who compete with each other to produce innovative and ingenious new chocolate taste sensations. Often, their workshops are open to the public, who can watch demonstrations followed by tastings.


Preserved meats

The Ardennes are famous for their preserved meats, which are usually based on fresh pork that is either sold raw, for example as sausages or kebabs, or cured to produce hams and salamis, or cooked to produce pâtés. These products (especially our salamis, bacon and smoked ham) have given the Ardennes an enviable reputation. Anyone for another slice of pâté or ham?



More than 25 different artisan cheeses are made on farms in Belgian Luxembourg. They include Petit Galopin, Comte d’Acremont, Saurtilège, Fis’Aisne, Boulette du Gerny, Crottin d’Ozo, etc. They blend very well will many different styles of cooking. Try them and they will become favourites on your cheeseboards!


Other local specialities

Belgian Luxembourg holds many more tasty surprises for gourmets from all over the world.

There are many local specialities, including trout from our rivers, Gaume pork pies, “sanglochons” (a cross between a pig and a wild boar), snails, foie gras, lemonade (made in the Aisne valley), fruit juices, Maitrank (an apéritif flavoured with woodruff) from Arlon, plus a wide range of locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Many of our artisans and producers welcome groups for visits.



It’s impossible to talk about Belgian Luxembourg without mentioning its huge, unspoiled forests and the wild animals and birds that live there.

Hunters and gourmets alike love the subtle flavours of game, such as venison, wild boar, pheasant, hare and other small and large game animals, which can be prepared in many ways and served with many sauces.